January 50 RR

ANTHORA COFFEE CUP: The Anthora coffee cup was created by Laszlo Buch who survived Auschwitz, immigrated to New York City, and Americanized his name to Leslie Buck. In the mid-60’s he joined the Sherri Paper Cup Company, which was keen to break in to New York City’s coffee cup market. Since Greeks owned many of the city’s diners, Buck hit on the idea of a Classical cup in the colors of the Greek flag. Though not trained in art, he designed it himself. The cup was a huge success. When Buck died, age 87 in 2010, his obituary in the New York Times said of his cup, “It was for decades the most enduring piece of ephemera in New York City and is still among the most recognizable. Trim, blue and white, it fits neatly in the hand, sized so its contents can be downed in a New York minute. It is as vivid an emblem of the city as the Statue of Liberty.

January 50 RR from czarina

US to US Group #422

The legend of Rip Van Winkle painted by James Lewicki for the LIFE series on “American Folklore”. Rip has been hunting in the Hudson Highlands where the Hudson River cuts through the Appalachian Mountain Range. The painting shows him drinking wine with the ‘little men’ of the mountains, waking from his twenty-year sleep and returning to his village.

US to US Group #422 from treeclimber

Private from Mom and Dad

Since 1892, the World’s Only Corn Palace has been decorated annually with thousands of bushels of corn, grains, and native grasses as a tribute to agriculture. In 2015, new ear-chitecture transformed the building, giving the attraction an a-maize-ing facelift that included light-up domes and a second story walk out balcony. A royally fun time for the whole family in Mitchell, SD.