NA RR June 2017

South Dakota State Animal: The coyote was designated in 1949, their greatest numbers can be found in the Black Hills and along the Missouri River. The howl of the coyote is known as the song of the west.

US to US Group #513 from Aspen*Ramsey

Private from Mom and Dad

Badlands National Park: Established as Badlands National Monument in 1939, the area was redesignated ‘National Park’ in 1978. Over 11,000 years of human history pales to the eons old paleontological resources. Badlands National Park contains the world’s richest Oligocene epoch fossil beds, dating 23 to 35 million years old. The evolution of mammal species such as the horse, sheep, rhinoceros and pig can be studied in the Badlands formations.

Private from Mom and Dad

Private from Mom and Dad

Since 1892, the World’s Only Corn Palace has been decorated annually with thousands of bushels of corn, grains, and native grasses as a tribute to agriculture. In 2015, new ear-chitecture transformed the building, giving the attraction an a-maize-ing facelift that included light-up domes and a second story walk out balcony. A royally fun time for the whole family in Mitchell, SD.