US to US Group #426

Edmund Dulac (1882-1953). “Then an old, old woman came out of the house; she was leaning on a big, hooked stick, and she wore a big sun hat, which was covered with beautiful and painted flowers.” Illustration for “The Snow Queen.”

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Washington’s GOAT ROCKS WILDERNESS, portions of Gifford Pinchot and Snoqualmie National Forests, contain 82,680 acres of alpine wonderland between Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams. Beautiful mountain meadows carpeted by alpine flowers and weather-worn conifers surround snowfields and glaciers. Pinnacles rise from 3,000 feet to the 8,201 foot Gilbert Peak. Packwood and Walupt lakes, each more than a mile long, lie adjacent to the wilderness area. The Yakima Indian Reservation, closed to the public, borders on the Southeast.

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